before marriage tips for men

Tips for a man before marriage a month that the parents have considerable experience in married life understanding of asthma their children to become young until they reached the age of marriage, so in these lines ask tips for a man before marriage a month, not all the life of marital success required in the sense there are a lot of couples did not walk their lives marital Balnho required multiple factors and conditions may be due to the customs and traditions of the new environment of the wife, where parents intentionally provide advice to their children in order to simply start a happy life with their wives, in the agreement, understanding and acceptance of consensus, dialogue and discussion couples up to solutions that will be happy with these couples, Hence, we give advice to men a month before marriage. .

Important advice for men before marriage

  • Harirah narrated on the authority of Abi Allah, he said: The Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “The woman who trembled, lied, straightened her, broke her.
  • Marriage is a permanent relationship between spouses that must be preserved and falls on the man more than the woman, and Ali bin Abi Talib says: The best qualities of women are the worst of men: pride, cowardice and miserliness. Something is exposed to her, and if she is stingy, she will save her money and the money of her husband, and here we will present some tips to maintain this relationship.
  • If you are not able to travel with your wife, book in one of the nearby hotels, live two days with your wife and stay away from work, and devote yourself to the wife only.
  • Always use some perfume that the wife likes in you, especially when you come home from work and when starting a sexual relationship. Roses: Some people think that roses are offered only on occasions, and this is not true, so be sure to give her some roses from time to time, and with writing some beautiful phrases On a small card placed on the roses.
  • Change in sex: Try to find new ways to have sex, as this will keep you away from the boring routine of married life.
  • Getting out of the house: Try as much as possible to spend most of the time with your wife, and do not take long to leave the house, and if you must go out for long periods, allocate time for your wife to stay up with her, and stay away from the work environment and leave him outside the house.
  • Discover the sexual positions that your wife loves in her body, and among the famous areas, for example, the area behind the ear with some hot breaths to make your wife enjoy the sexual relationship.
  • Wife’s anger: If you see your wife angry, do not leave her alone, and try to be by her side, and take her in your arms until she calms down and get used to being by her side at all times.

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