Couple tips to increase love between them

Couple tips to increase love them often there are marital problems do not end these problems are caused by a lack of understanding between the spouses or not to adapt to the wife or the wife with the new traditions that have emerged in the life of both parties, where looking a lot of couples tips the couple to increase love among them, the couple tips to increase the love between them and that Aahkovn by others Imam because they cause them to forest Vitr couples to search for the internet about these tips as it seeks a lot of couples to develop the relations of affection and love between them and always looking for new ways to help them to reach an understanding with each other in order to A peaceful family life, and from here we offer the couple’s advice to increase love between them is very important. .

Intimacy between spouses

Exchange gifts, albeit symbolic: Put some roses on your wife’s pillow as a kind of surprise with a beautiful and colorful card, and express to her how much you love her. The wife, too, should bring gifts to her husband. Setting a time to sit together and listen to each other: Some scholars reported an explanation of an honorable hadith about the Messenger – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – how he sat and listened to Mrs. Aisha – may God be pleased with her – when she told a long story. Looks of love and admiration: Conjugal feelings cannot be just by exchanging words of love; So that many of them can be exchanged through the language of the eyes, i.e. the looks of the eyes, and the tone of the voice, thus achieving emotional and psychological comfort between them. Emotional peace: when entering or leaving the house, when traveling or on the phone. And make it clear to herself that you don’t compare her to any of the others. Involve her in things: such as planning for the future, arranging some books together, helping her in the kitchen, discussing some problems with children, writing some chores and needs in the house to add some kind of humor and fun and to empower and build Affection between them. Use kind words and emotional expressions: Use during your conversation with your wife some warm and soft words, such as telling her how much you love her, or telling her that she is a blessing that God Almighty has given you, and that you will preserve her. Choose a quiet time to spend with her and that is the atmosphere It is appropriate and has some fun and laughter, away from children’s problems or crying; This affects the intimacy and love between the spouses. Maintaining a balance between commitment and indolence: This characteristic is important for the husband; Where he must be in some cases cheerful and slack in many matters, but at the other time he must act wisely and seriously without joking or playing, that is, not to overdo one of them so as not to cause marital problems. The presence of interaction between the spouses, especially at a time Crises: for example when the wife is pregnant; It needs different material and emotional care, and the husband feels some distress, and he needs moral support and someone to share his affairs with. The feeling of pain for one of the parties for the pain of the other party has a great impact on building love and affection between the spouses, and bringing them closer to each other more.

marital relationship

Many people seek the financial, psychological and emotional temptations of the world, and the relationship between the spouses and their love for each other falls under emotional temptations, and when the couple enters this relationship, they aspire to have children, stability, and satisfy sexual needs and desires, in addition to building a relationship of love, friendship and tenderness that affects the psychologically. Positive for the person if the methods are correct and sound, but if the methods are not sound, the case between spouses can reach divorce.

There are many couples who are looking for ways to make the other party happy, and among these ways is the exchange of gifts among themselves even if the gifts are symbolic, in addition to exchanging looks of love and admiration among themselves, and that there is emotional peace among them when they meet each other or talk together, and that The husband’s description of his wife with beautiful words and praise leads to her great happiness, and choosing the right quiet time to spend time together is one of the factors that increase the happiness rate between them.

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