How much does a woman need to have sex in a week?

How much you need women for sexual intercourse in the week, many looking married for counting times that can intercourse where a week, where is the intercourse of the Sunnah and life instincts that exist in the human, how much you need women for sexual intercourse in the week was the Prophet Muhammad told us prayers and peace that God fractionate couple to have intercourse, it is through sexual intercourse is pregnancy and childbearing and thus continue to mankind .vhma is the main cause of the increase in the number of people on the globe, Vozart studies conducted recently that the number of sexual intercourse and the organization is working on the durability and strong health in old age, how much you need a woman for sexual intercourse in the week and on the impact of it incumbent upon the couples to identify how many times women need for sexual intercourse in the week, in which they can organize and recognize the benefits of intercourse wEEK awareness and its organization. How much does a woman need to have intercourse in a week?

How many times a week does a woman need to have intercourse?

It is natural and healthy for a married couple to have intercourse for a specific number of times and at a specific time, in order for the body to be prepared for this process. Two weeks to renew and revitalize the blood circulation and the organs specialized in the process of intercourse. Married couples often go through times when they feel that they are unable to engage in intercourse, and this is due to the lack of organization, which is the very important process to organize and the times that the body is accustomed to.

The benefits of frequent intercourse for the couple

  • Decreased blood pressure, especially diastolic blood pressure.
  • Having sexual intercourse during pregnancy will help the pregnant woman lose weight and get rid of excess body fat caused by pregnancy and increase desire.
  • Boosting immunity as the body secretes anti-colds and anti-colds.
  • Strengthening the feeling of intimacy by increasing the secretion of the hormone oxytocin during orgasm
  • Reducing the risk of prostate cancer through frequent ejaculation in men and women.
  • Improving the ability to sleep and fighting insomnia due to the secretion of greater amounts of the hormone oxytocin.
  • Burning calories at a rate of 85 calories per 30 minutes.
  • Improving heart health by having intercourse one to two times a week may reduce the risk of heart attacks in men by 5 to 0%.
  • Enhancement of self-confidence and self-satisfaction.

Disadvantages of frequent intercourse for both spouses

  • Feeling tired, bored and exhausted on both sides.
  • Intercourse becomes routine in a life devoid of love, longing, and desire, but merely as a daily duty.
  • The lack on the part of the two parties of love and their moral and psychological support for each other, and the feeling of spiritual bonding and communication before the physical, due to the repetition of daily intercourse of the intimate relationship between them.

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