About our world

Our world net electronic encyclopedia is an integrated Arab electronic encyclopedia that was launched in October 2022 with innovative and new ideas to support the level of Arabic content on the Internet, by relying on references and references in all sources and information within the encyclopedia. The encyclopedia of our world also contains high-quality articles in all fields Which directly and indirectly classified the Arab individual alike, as well as attracting the Arab user for more knowledge and reading.

The encyclopedia aims to support and expand content on the Internet

In light of the tremendous development in the systems of transmitting news, events and information, it was necessary to keep pace with all that development, which prompted us to provide a full-content encyclopedia, to add Arabic content based on honesty and transparency on the Internet and an objective and accurate reference for everything the Arab individual needs. Rather, it made access to everything the researcher needs possible in smooth ways that are able to respond to the speed of searching for different topics, so that the researcher will later be crowned with knowledge, news or the objective product that he searched for through the “Our World” website.

It is directed to all segments and groups of society and the world at large

Taking care of the future is one of the priorities of those in charge of this site, where the unique and useful content directed to the Arab community and the Islamic world in particular and to Arabic speakers all over the world as the language used on this site is Arabic. What he needs without Astana without insult or slander or mislead.
Believing in the power of the media in influencing public opinion and changing ideas, it was necessary for the various sections of the “Our World” website to present everything that would support the behavior, opinions and ideas of the researcher on various topics through this site.

It includes all the scientific, social and intellectual services that the researcher seeks

We are skilled at maneuvering on the wall of creativity in choosing different topics, between politics, economics, sports, art, society, technology and technology, many of the topics that we care about and distinguish in order to present them to all our followers in a dramatic and classic way that addresses all mental groups between lower, middle and high.
We provide the follower with all the services that would enrich the mind with the scientific topics that support it, as well as serving the social side with the opinions and social ideas that we offer that support the mother topic, and besides this and that, the intellectual side of the topics of this site had a share, to present all these different topics as he wishes researcher.

An encyclopedic reference and guide for intellectuals and researchers in all fields

Believing in the necessity of having a complete and integrated scientific library that can be resorted to by intellectuals, researchers and thinkers, it was necessary to put forward many topics that have a direct and indirect relationship to achieve this growing and increasing goal, moment by moment.

We also believe in the need to actively contribute to the quality of the Arabic content, which we direct in large proportions to the right-minded people who search for all the new developments in scientific topics to serve as a reference that can be resorted to at all times for all topics chosen by the researcher after they have been subject to advanced steps and stages of editing Proofreading and proofreading of information.

A kiss for those seeking accurate information and correct news around the world

Playing the strings of accuracy and objectivity in choosing news is what we are always interested in, thanks to which “the ocean” has become a mecca for those looking for new developments, periodic news and exceptional events as well as in all parts of this world, and thus this site has become an essential pillar of the basics of knowledge asylum for various information seekers The accurate and correct news around the world is what we add thanks to the teams that work hard and find in order to provide news of high quality and level to provide a reliable reference for the Arab reader about all the information obtained around the world.

A comprehensive information bank for a lot of information of interest to society, with accuracy and depth

With the depth, strength and size of the information and news contained in “Alamna Net” it has become one of the information pillars adopted by many individuals. With the volume of knowledge and the history and position of the Arab culture, it was necessary to design and launch a site worthy of this matter, which was translated by the work crews into the crucible of “Our World.” grand.
We provide the site with high quality articles, news and topics to enrich the Internet with integrated and interconnected knowledge of interest to the community, and we aspire to make “Our World Net” close to being interested in all topics and ideal media formats that we aim to form an integrated information bank.

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